GIL Shopping News 6-25

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The TRUTH About Advertising

When considering Advertising with the Shopping News, think about these numbers: 35,000+, $456.25, $0.013, and $16,450.

-An ad in the Shopping News will reach 35,000+ Homes. Not people, Homes.

-A normal 1/4 Page ad will cost $456.25. Which seems like a lot, until you do the math.

-At that price, you reach each Household for $0.013 per Household.

-In Comparison, if you would send out a First Class Letter to that many Households yourself, it would cost approximately $16,450 for Postage Only.

With many options, deals and Special Sections we offer a great way to reach your Customers.
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"I placed a classified ad in hopes that I would find a very specific object. I was pleasantly surprised at the large response I had after only one week! I am happy to say I found EXACTLY what I was looking for in less than one week. Classifieds are not just to sell items! I will absolutely recommend your paper to all my friends!"
— A.P. - Platteville, WI